C-Bow Pulse (2020)

C-bow pulse is a slightly more sophisticated version of C-bow. It adds a pulse LFO to the filter cutoff. The two green knobs control the duration of the on and off cycle of the LFO. The central knob that in the first C-Bow controlled the filter cutoff, now controls the max cutoff freq of the LFO. The right knob is the min of the cutoff. With some patience and very fine adjustments, the min can work as a sort of tail duration for the feedback: when the LFO is in the on cycle and the LFO max isn't turned all the way down, the feedback has less high frequency damping and the sound is loud; when the LFO is in the off cycle, the baseline of the damping is controlled by the right knob and, if the damping isn't too low, the feedback will go away with a release