Uccello Acquatico

Uccello Acquatico

Sabine Vogel: flutes

Luigi Marino: bowed cymbals, zarb

Uccello Acquatico is a duo composed of Sabine Vogel and Luigi Marino. The project started in July 2015. The duo has since played at venues such as Offene Ohren e. V. (Munich), Spazio O' (Milan), Spektrum (Berlin), Bulb Festival (Alessandria).

The music proposed by Uccello Acquatico focuses on sound and all its shades. Each sound is a microcosmos and the basics of the extemporary dialogue between the two musicians are to be found in the subtlest elements inside this articulate acoustic world. Metal resonances and air columns set in vibration inside a flute: sounds barely audible emerge from the background to take a predominant role, gradually showing all their potential and unexpected directions.