Native Languages of Nowhere out on EMERGENT IDIOMS!

My project with Michael Thieke is out on an eco-friendly edition made of recycled plastic, recycled cardboard, and 3d printed bioplastic.

Mandhira de Saram / Luigi Marino @ The Horse Club - Iklectik, London

Horse CD launch - Shrike Records

Mark Wastell / Luigi Marino @ Hundred Years Gallery, London

Mandhira de Saram / Luigi Marino @ Confront Recordings 25th Anniversary, St. Margaret's House, London

Digital release of The Seen on Trestle Records

This session was part of the label's project one day bands.
Mark Wastell - Tam tam // Angharad Davies - Violin // Phil Durrant - Mandolin // Mandhira de Saram - Violin // Alice Eldridge - Feedback cello // Chris Kiefer - Feedback cello // Luigi Marino - Bowed cymbal and feedback generators

New work: Network 5 - Fragile Coexistence

C-Bow and C-Bow Pulse

Documentation with schematics of the last version of the portable feedback generators for resonant surfaces I used in the last two years.

Mark Wastell / Jason Khan / Christian Wolfarth / Luigi Marino @ Hunder Years Gallery

Angharad Davies / Biliana Voutchkova / Luigi Marino @ Cafe Oto, London

Mandhira de Saram / Luigi Marino @ The Horse Club - Iklectik, London

Digital release of The Seen @ DisCon Festival on Confront Recordings

A great ensemble I had the pleasure to play with: Mark Wastell, Steve Beresford, Phil Durrant, Yoni Silver, Ståle Liavik Solberg, Spencer Grady, Nick Downes, Daniel Thompson, Martin Vishnick, Ross Downes, Graham MacKeachan, Luigi Marino

The Seen @ DisCon Festival, Hunder Years Gallery, London

Mark Wastell / Matt Davis / Luigi Marino @ Iklectik, London

Michael Thieke / Luigi Marino Spain and Portugal tour

Mark Wastell / Luigi Marino @ Cafe Oto, London

Great to share this evening with Sharon Gal and Andie Brown

Hundred Years Gallery Benefit Concert! @ Hunder Years Gallery, London

Countless great musicians playing in these two days. Door money and online audio sales will go toward the repair of HYG PA system. The first day I'm playing laptop, the second the acoustic/analog set:
31-Aug-19 - Laptop solo + Phil Julian / John Macedo / Spencer Grady / Stephen Lewis / Luigi Marino
1-Sep-19 - Mandhira de Saram / Clive Bell / Luigi Marino

Mandhira de Saram / Luigi Marino @ Hunder Years Gallery, London

Looking forward to this first time duo for laptop and violin, and really happy to share the concert with other two great duos:
Phil Durrant / Mark Wastell and Shirley Smart / Steve Beresford.

Two concerts in trio with Audrey Riley and Dirty Electronics

29-May @ Pace, De Montfort University, Leicester.
31-May @ Curve Theatre, Leicester.

Mark Wastell / Luigi Marino guests of the Oxford Improvisers Orchestra

We'll play our set, and then we'll join the Oxford Improvisers Orchestra for a group session. Really pleased to play with this amazing collective.

Laptop solo @ Linear Obsessional, Lewisham Arts Cafe, London


Really happy to be back in Berlin for two concerts and some recordings with dear friends and great musicians.
5-Apr - Biliana Voutchkova / Sabine Vogel / Luigi Marino @ Petersburg Art Space
9-Apr - Michael Thieke / Luigi Marino @ Km28

Mark Wastell / Luigi Marino @ Hundred Years Gallery, London

Great to share this evening with Phil Durrant and Richard Scott + Alice Eldridge and Chris Kiefer.

Digital release of The Seen at Onca Gallery on Confront Recordings

Sabine Vogel / Mark Wastell / Phil Durrant / Luigi Marino @ Iklectik, London

I'll play with Uccello Acquatico (Sabine Vogel and me) + Wastell/Durrant + Vogel/Wastell/Durrant/Marino

Mark Wastell / Sholto Dobie / Luigi Marino @ Cafe Oto, London

I was mentioned in Jazzwise annual survey about the musicians to look out for in 2019

Network 2 + lecture @ IEM, Graz

I'll play Network 2 and other works, and I'll give a lecture about my practice at the Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik in Graz.

Four concerts with Mark Wastell

Really happy to play in Mark Wastell's project for large ensemble The Seen and two other concerts in duo in the following occasions:
1-Oct - The Seen @ Cafe Oto
14-Oct - Wastell/Marino @ Linear Obsessional live, Lewisham Arts Cafe
7-Nov - The Seen @ ONCA gallery in Brighton
13-Nov - Wastell/Marino @ The Horse Club, Iklectik

Thieke/Marino tour

Looking forward to touring with Michael Thieke in September!
Rome, Foligno, Wien (Rhiz), Graz (Interpenetration), Prague, Brno, and Berlin (Sacred Realism). See calendar for details.

Network 2 @ Iklectik, London

The Seen @ Hundred Years Gallery, London

I'll play in Mark Wastell's project for large ensemble with a very special group of musicians (Mark Wastell, David Toop, Alice Eldridge, Douglas Benford, Spencer Grady, Rachel Musson, Richard Sanderson, Mandhira de Saram)

Network 2 + lecture @ DeMontfort University, Leicester

Network 2 @ Spektrum, Berlin

I'll present my new work, and I'll play a duo laptop and double bass with Adam Pultz Melbye

New work - Network 2

New videos from September concerts

Uploaded the video of my solo @ Auditorium Parco della Musica. It was a pleasure to play in this great frame in my hometown! Thanks to Giancarlo Schiaffini, Mohessen Kasirossafar, Francesco Paolo Manna and Antonino Anastasia for playing with me in this concert, and thanks to Matteo Scioli for organising it.
Last but not least, there is an excerpt from the concert with Michael Thieke @ Studio Acht. I love this project, and a big thank you to the people working at Studio Acht: these rare initiatives are the ones that make still possible to present unconvetional music focousing only on aesthetic contents (at least the ones I share)


Looking forward to this coming September! I'll be playing for the first time at Auditorium Parco della Musica, and in some of my favourite experimental music spots like Studio Acht and Sowieso. The month will start with the debut of the more traditional percussion quartet Anahita with Mohssen Kasirossafar, Francesco Paolo Manna, Antonino Anastasia and special guest Giancarlo Schiaffini, then I'll have the chance to catch up with Sabine Vogel with our project Uccello Acquatico, and then a little tour with Michael Thieke that will see us in Zurich, Berlin and Amsterdam.

The Pale Skin and the Mental Maze @ Spektrum

Always a pleasure to play here!

New project - Thieke/Marino

After 5 intense days of recordings and concerts I'm really happy to work on some new music with Michael Thieke.

The Pale Skin and the Mental Maze @ BEAST FEaST

I'll perform my work on April 27 at University of Birmingham in occasion of the annual BEAST FEaST.

New work - The Pale Skin and the Mental Maze

Hau: a form of bistability @ San Francisco Tape Music Festival

Hau: a From of Bistability was among the eight works by international composers selected for this wonderful festival in the Bay Area.

New videos from September concerts

Schiaffini/Colombo/Marino @ Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Rome
Uccello Acquatico @ Spektrum, Berlin

I'll relocate to UK to pursue a joint PhD at University of Birmingham and De Montfort University funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council

My research proposal Composing relationships. Gesture and identity in electronic music performance was awarded two AHRC, one by the Mildands3cities and one by the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities. I chose the former and I'm looking forward to joining University of Birmingham and De Montfort University.

New work - A Quest for Balance

A new work for digital synth and interactive system.

New project - Uccello Acquatico

Following the tour in July, the duo with flute player Sabine Vogel became a stable project. So happy about this!

New work - Seven Steps Through The Information Channel

Tour in duo with Sabine Vogel in July

Milan - Alessandria - Munich (see calendar for details)

Recording session for my new piece Seven Steps Through the Information Channel

Seven Steps Through the Information Channel will be recorded at Totemtanz in July by an outstanding quartet (Giancarlo Schiaffini, Eugenio Colombo, Francesco Lo Cascio, Luigi Bozzolan)

Relocating to Berlin

Hau: a form of bistability @ Intonal Festival

Jacob Riis performs my work on the Acousmonium diffusion system at the Intonal Festival in Malmö, Sweden.

New work - Sketches of a Dying City

New project - Discrete Yantra

A collaboration with Roberto Laneri and his overtone singing group Nel Cielo di Indra.

Hau: a form of bistability among the winners of the Sincronie Headscape Competition.

Hau wins the Sincronie Headscape Competition dedicated to the music production for headphone listening. The work will be presented at Spazio O' (Milano).

New work - The Voice of the Emptiness

Totem mentioned among 5 best albums of the year

On the yearly musical recap appeared today on "il Manifesto", Mario Gamba metioned the album Totem among his 5 picks.

Acousmatic for the People ROCKS!

Alessandro Perini and Fabio Monni did a great job at organizing this festival at the Malmö Inter Arts Center. Jacob Riis took care of the concert the day my piece was performed and his care of details -from the assembling of a tight, strong program to the diffusion on the Acousmonium- was nothing but superb.
Thanks guys!

Ordinary Hidden Soundscape @ ICMC 2014 in Athens.

Ordinary Hidden Soundscape was selected at the ICMC 2014 in Athens.

Hau: a form of bistability @ Acousmatic for the People in Malmö, Sweden.

Hau: a form of bistability was selected for the festival Acousmatic for the People scheduled for December (TBA) in Malmö, Sweden.

CD with G. Schiaffini and E. Colombo out in March

Totem - Trio with two great improvisors out for Zone Di Musica.

Updates in the section software

harmonikey - A MIDI keybord to play harmonics and get an idea of just intonation.
randy - 3.2 update. Solved preset error + embedded tutorials.

New video

Full concert of Urban Flux in Venice, last day of the tour.

New work - Hau: a form of bistability

Urban Flux tour at the end of January

Turin - Zurich - Lodi - Venice (see calendar for details)

Artist in residence in San Giorgio Monferrato

I'll be part of MonferrArti from the end of September til mid October.

Updates in the section software

beelu - A complex patch for recursive FM. Noise sweet noise...
lm.spat - A compact module for 4 channel spatialization.
lm.presets - 1.1 update.

Ordinary Hidden Soundscape @ Seoul Internationl Computer Music Festival, Seoul, South Korea.