Last update 29-mar-2020: if something doesn't work make sure to download after this day.
The patches use the 32-bit externals. If they don't work just replace the externals with the 64-bit version.
Beelu's preset morph doesn't work properly in Max8.

download ver sys type description
random generators and related
2 OS X external Deviate a value by gradually introducing errors. It can go from the deterministic value to a uniform distribution passing through a parametric Cauchy distribution.
randbeta-64bit source
2 OS X external Generate random numbers with a distribution that allows a continuous change from a uniform distribution and a user-friendly and symmetric beta distribution.
2 OS X external Limit numbers within a certain range by reflection.
3 OS X external Decompose and re-compose sequences by introducing errors. Sequences can be nested hierarchically.
synthesis (all these patches use the last version of the hub system: see the hub library)
beelu 2 OS X patch A complex patch for recursive FM with a powerful FX bank and an elaborate way to route control signals.
brick 3 OS X patch A simple and complete additive synth, the building block of synthesis.
train 3 OS X patch A classic from the Bay Area: a synth based on a train pulse and a comb filter.
real-time recording
liverec 3 All patch A patch for automatic real-time recording and buffer management.
hub library 3 OS X abstarctions A set of abstractions that facilitate many tasks of patch design, especially networking either with standard Max messages or OSC, modulation assignment, and the creation of easy-to-read internal states of the patches. Inside the package see lm.hubTutorial for details, and the patches in the synthesis section for practical applications.
signal processing 1 2 All patch FX chain, direct and processed signal, modules in parallel and in series, delay, filters, reverb, basic granulator, and group networking using aux in and out.
signal processing 1 2 OS X app* "

* Apps buildt with Max are big cause they contain the whole Max environment. If when you open the app an error message says it is damaged, go to security and privacy in system preferences and change the option "allow apps downloaded from" to "anywhere". New Macs don't have this option, in this case the simplest solution is to download Max trial version: with the trial you can use the patches but you can't save modifications.

older stuff (from Max 7 the UI is gonna be a mess)
download ver sys type description
recfm 2.0 OS X patch A complex patch for recursive FM. Noise sweet noise...
randy 3.3 OS X project A tool for real-time granular synthesis. Real-time recording of multiple buffers, granular synth with custom distributions for all the main parameters and much more.
harmonics and just intonation
harmonikey 1.0 All patch A MIDI keybord to play perfect harmonics and get an idea of just intonation.
lm.spat 1.0 All patch A compact module with UI for classic 3d Chowning spatialization on 4 channels.
lm.preset 2 All patch A handy preset manager with UI for classic preset operations. The example patch also shows some basics of synth design.