Intuitive Durations (2011)

For a minimum of two improvisors on any instrument

score (pdf, 140Kb)

Duration: up to the performers

Marco Colonna: soprano clarinet
Luigi Marino: percussion, 9V analogic feedback, toy piano

Recorded at Auditorium "Ennio Morricone", Rome, December 15 2011

...whereas aural rhythm takes place against the silent backdrop of somatic rhythm, enabling the aural musician to indulge in the most intricate articulations of time, notated rhythm is limited by the problem of notational economy. We can divide time infinitely and in performance can judge directly the effectiveness of the most subtle placements of sound.

Trevor Wishart


Focus on the idea of duration. Tend towards a flat and immobile sound, so that its duration will be the main channel to carry information. Tend to juxtapose the end of the sound produced by one of you with the beginning of the sound produced by the other: let your spontaneous decisions concerning time reciprocally frame your actions.
Play as long as you feel there is a reason for which a sound should last more or less than another.